VERSO – Virtual Electronic Reference Source Organizer

A visual way to search for eBooks in the library collection – VERSO.  From the Quinnipiac University’s Arnold Bernhard Library in Hamden, CT.  Check it out.

For more information on VERSO, read the recent article in Library Journal – “A grassroots response to a surge in e-resources yields a new virtual reference shelf.” By Terry Ballard, 5/15/2008

2 thoughts on “VERSO – Virtual Electronic Reference Source Organizer”

  1. Read the article in LJ. Totally awesome concept and really like the mouseover where covers popup. In a visual world (that this is), the implications and applications for this organizational tool are “virtually” (pun intended) limitless. I’d love to work on this project. Anything I could do?

  2. Nancy, it is pretty cool. Since this is a grassroots effort from Quinnipiac University, I’d suggest contacting them directly to see what you can do to help. Please post what you find.

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