What do you want from us? Reference Publishers want to know.

The last question asked during the ALA panel was asked by panelist, Michael Ross from Encyclopaedia Britannica.  He wanted to know from the librarians in the audience, “what do you want from us?”

Librarians were not shy in extending several responses:

§  I need to make my purchasing decision based on reviews. So, I need to find reviews and awards information easier on a publishers site, to determine and justify my purchase decision

§  More creative pricing models – to support many sizes and needs of institutions (ie. 2 simultaneous users, own, subscribe, collections)

§  Reference sources are duplicated too much. We have dozens of articles with same information. Can you all publish unique things?

§ Consistency in search protocols across platforms – boolean, truncation, plurals, default search, etc (better yet, how about one single platform, SP)

Librarians, what else is on your wish list for reference publishers?  Place your comments here so our panelists can see them.

3 thoughts on “What do you want from us? Reference Publishers want to know.”

  1. Rather than see each publisher build their own reference collections in their own proprietary platforms, I’d like to see more reference content from a variety of publishers aggregated. Credo does this, but I believe it has too small a collection of titles and publishers. I’d like to see someone build a tool that offers in one place full text access to content from all the biggest names in reference publishing. In short, I want to see a platform that has the depth of content that can be found in the major article databases (Factiva, EBSCOhost’s Academic Search, etc.)

  2. Stephen, I’m with you 100% on this, as our many other librarians. The publishers aren’t buying this model yet, so we will just have to keep pushing them. Please see the Future of Reference Publishing – Panel Summary post from July 25th, I asked this very question and one publishers response is summarized

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