Springer’s MyCopy….$24.95 and it’s yours!


Springer announced it’s new pilot print on demand service – MyCopy –  for “registered” patrons.  The service allows a library’s registered patrons to order a softcover print copy of an ebook the library has ALREADY purchased.  The copy is to be used by the patron for personal use.  11,000 titles are currently available, assuming your library owns all of those!  Books are printed in black and white with a color softcover.

Publishing will never be the same folks.  I hope Springer shares the title data with libraries.  That could be a useful collection development tool.

I couldn’t help but think about this on the way home today….but wouldn’t this be the best way for students to buy cheap textbooks?  Libraries subscribe to the ebooks of major textbook publishers and they all do print-on-demand for patrons at $24.95.  Oh wait, we are talking about textbook publishers here, better make that $99.95!�

4 thoughts on “Springer’s MyCopy….$24.95 and it’s yours!”

  1. My pocketbook is still crying over all the money I had to spend on textbooks for college. What a relief this would be to all the science and economics students that are dropping over $300 per title.

  2. I’m not sure I’m all that excited about this service (from the library perspective). It certainly makes buying a personal copy easy and the discount is great, but it seems like we’re just promoting Springer’s commercial interests. I’d just as soon see a link to our interlibrary loan service. We can probably deliver the book more quickly than Springer can.

  3. probably getting the book though loan is faster, but then we can’t write or highlight all over it. (or lose it)

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