Why eBooks and eBook Readers Will Eventually Succeed

Nice article in eWeek.com about why ebooks/ebook readers will succeed.  by J. Gerry Purdy, 10/13/2008

Purdy, a Knowledge Center Analyst feels once the right ebook reader comes along, one that provides the best reading experience, most people will “have to have it.”

Just what makes the must have it ebook reader?…..well if I knew I’d be out making it right now instead of moderating this little blog…..

Purdy suggests 15 “must have” features:

  • correct size
  • instant on/off
  • natural user interface
  • high contrast/high-res/bright colors
  • random access
  • durability
  • storage
  • easy annotation
  • easy dictionary access
  • acceptable cost
  • built in wireless
  • acceptable biz models
  • broader distribution
  • animation/multimedia
  • acceptable DRM/IP

Looks like “acceptable” and “easy” will be the toughest things to figure out in this new “must have” gizmo.

I’d like to see his suggestions for the must have library 😉

Article PDF also available.

One thought on “Why eBooks and eBook Readers Will Eventually Succeed”

  1. Nice article, thank you for the tip.
    One of my main problems with e-bookreaders (I have an ILIAD and a Cybook in the library for testing) is the poor presentation of scientific texts. The fixes pdf’s are too small to read and only with difficulty can you enlarge a part. And the amenable pdf’s can be read f.i. when turned into mobypocket format, but the tables and graphs are completely scrambeld.
    But no doubt that when developed further they will take over!

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