Kindle Sales Through the Roof?? Sure, with Oprah’s Endorsement

Well, this might give ebooks the jump they need.  Anyone attending Oprah’s “Favorite Things” show?  There might just be a Kindle under the seat!  If not, you can at least get a discount.  Buy it through the Teleread blog.

From my friends at Teleread.

Kindle’s $50 Oprah Discount:  Price $309 in Effect

By a TeleBlog Contributor

image Oprah not only endorsed the Kindle, as expected, but also announced a discount offer allowing for $50 off the usual price of $359. The magic promo code, good until November 1, is OPRAHWINFREY. There’ll also be a discount on the novel The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.

Suggestion, if your heart is set on a K machine and you want to help us: Try ordering through TeleRead (current link). One of the last ordering screens, associated with Order Summary, will ask: “Have any gift cards, gift certificates or promotional claim codes?” Key in OPRAHWINFREY.

Reminder: We continue to hope that Amazon will use a more open approach and, for example, let current or future Kindles read ePub natively.

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  1. What I still don’t understand about Oprah is how she is still able to continue with the power she has. I watch her show and there is never really anything spectacular but it seems if she says it, its like gold. Now if I can only get her to endorse neon signs, that would be a feat!

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