Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)

The current NSR poll asks, “is your institution using patron driven acquisition to purchase eBooks.”  PDA is a business model, offered by (currently) 3 ebook aggregators  – NetLibrary, EBL, and Ingram Digital.  In this model, patrons determine which eBooks are purchased based on the eBooks they use.  There are many variations to PDA, but each variation does allow for librarians to pre-select groups of titles to choose from, establish budgets, and put controls in place to monitor usage and purchases.

For a more thorough look at PDA, you can read my upcoming Off The Shelf column in Booklist Online.  It will be published in the January 1, 2009 issue.  �

One thought on “Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)”

  1. Has anyone see information on the nuts and bolts of PDA? I’m wondering what the threshold is, or the mechanisms that would be in place, to determine sufficient enough interest in an ebook (presumably an ebook.)

    If it is based on number of requests, which seems to my untrained eyes the only way, what happens to the patron that needs that work right now?

    Any insights are appreciated…

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