2 thoughts on “10 Myths About E-books”

  1. hmmm, I disagree with myth #1: “The only way to read ebooks is to read them on a dedicated ebook reading device.”
    At this point I think to read an ebook cover to cover from p.1 to the end a reading device (w/ e-ink) is needed. I have not tried bookworm yet and I’ll give that try, but I think ergonomically our bodies are not built to sustain the kind of posture required to read an entire book on a desktop or laptop computer. I do think some folks would be comfortable reading on other hand held devices, but they are still devices.
    All of this ties into my disagreement with myth #3 “Buying ebooks instead of paper books does not really help the environment.” Until folks have a way to read and markup long sections or cover to cover everyone will want to print out their own copies. Its incredible the amount of printing that happens on our campus.

  2. I think it is a great article to address the ebook trend going on now. However, it doesn’t look at ebooks from all ends, from fiction to academic needs. Granted ebooks that are fiction may be more undesireable to read, but academic/reference titles for research are very well suited for ebook style.
    To Deborah, some aggregators out there have tools that can allow for note taking and such within the ebook and even share the title among a group, thus eliminating the wasting of printing the entire book, there are all tools available to limit the printing and help the students better research at the same time.

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