ePub vs. DRM: The Great Debate

A great debate between ePub and DRM is going on between Paul Biba and David Rothman at Teleread.  They both have posts supporting their arguments.  NSR will interview Paul Biba next week, so stayed tuned for more on this exciting discussion.

Paul – for Cross platform DRM

“DRM forces me to choose a platform” [and as a result, a reader, for eBook purchases, sp].  Amazon is his choice because he can use the large screen reader at home or the portable iPhone reader while on the go.  Paul also says that most of the books he wants to read are DRMed, so ePub doesn’t help him.  He’s not optimistic about publishers dropping DRM anytime soon, so he suggests that the IDPF focus ePub on a cross platform DRM so consumers can read a DRM ebook on their reader of choice.

David –  for ePub and no DRM

Let’s cut to the chase here. David lists some great reasons for ePub, but the bottom line is his last sentence, “The current Amazon, as it exists now, is an unwitting but powerful arguments for ePub and related standards. The more popular becomes the Kindle format, the less leverage publishers and consumers will enjoy in their future dealings with Amazon.”