Ebook sales continue to rise – latest IDPF info

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Ebook sales continue to rise – latest IDPF info

By Paul Biba  teleread.orgTrade Stats_09_03.jpgWell, it looks as if the rationale for TeleRead’s existence is still extant. Ebook sales are just continuing to increase. Here’s the info I got by email from Michael Smith of the IDPF this afternoon:

eBook sales statistics for March 2009 have been released from the Association of American Publishers (AAP) who collects these statistics in conjunction with the IDPF.Trade eBook sales were $10,000,000 for March, a 110.4 % increase over March 2008 ($ 4,700,000).Calendar Year to Date sales are up + 131%Q1 2009 wholesale trade sales were $25,800,000A couple of observations indicating the growth we are seeing.March 2009 wholesale trade sales were $10,000,000 where as all of Q1 2008 total was $10,100,000Q4 2008 set the previous bar for trade wholesale for the 12 – 15 trade publishers at $16,800,000, which has been soundly surpassed by Q1 09.Q1 2009 trade wholesale for the 12-15 publishers is $25,800,000.

You can see the actual charts at the IDPF site. It is important to realize that these figures are low and actual sales are probably much higher. Here are the caveats from the IDPF:The data above represent United States revenues only.The data above represent only trade eBook sales via wholesale channels.Retail numbers may be as much as double the above figures due to industry wholesale discounts.The data above represent only data submitted from approx. 12 to 15 trade publishers.The data does not include library, educational or professional electronic sales.

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