Upcoming workshop in Philly…. Google, Libraries, Publishing

NFAIS and Drexel’s iSchool are co-sponsoring a workshop on June 26th in Philly titled “Google, the Web and the Future Roles of Publishers and Librarians.”

More info can be found on the NFAIS site.  I’m certain eBooks will come up somewhere in this program.

In January 1996, two Stanford University students began a research project that is now known worldwide as Google. By April 2009 it had captured 81.38% of the global search engine market share  and has evolved into an information resource of choice, not only for the general public, but for faculty, students and researchers around the globe.  Google’s objective is to make the world’s knowledge accessible to everyone.  With digitization projects, Google Books, and Google Scholar, it is moving steadily towards fulfilling that objective.  How will their potential success impact traditional content providers and librarians?  What role will publishers and librarians ultimately play in a Web-dominated information environment?

This meeting will take a look at Google’s evolution and the role that it is positioned to play in the future.  It will examine its acceptance by scholars and researchers, as well as the growth opportunities that it currently offers to content providers.  It will also highlight the unique value being offered by traditional abstracting and indexing services that provide access to credible, authoritative content, and take a look at how librarians and corporate information specialists are ensuring that scholars and scientists get the right answers to their search queries — answers critical to efficient and cost-effective research.