Interview with Sue in Against the Grain

I just got my hands on the April 2009 issue of Against the Grain, and lo and behold an interview with NSR’s Sue Polanka.  The interview was done by Dennis Brunning from Arizona State University in his cheeky style and is followed by his humorous interview with Kindles 1 and 2.  The article is not available online, so here are some highlights.

Q. Are ebooks better than print books?
Sue: That depends on the book… [some] are better in electronic format … because they are mobile and can reach our users whever they are … But when it comes to reading my children bedtime stories … I definitely want the feel of pulp between the fingers.  But in the end I read much more in electronic form than print.

Q. … What role do you see Google playing in academic ebooks?
Sue: … I foresee many academic publishers selling to users via Google Books, enticing them with free content along the way.  And , new business models will probably develop too …

Q. Many [people] have strong opinions about reading books on computer or reader devices … Is this a problem for your vision of the role and future of ebooks?
Sue: No, ebooks are not for everyone or every book…  We are just beginning to see the variety of devices that support ebooks… Most of these are first generation, so years from now, we could be reading or listening to digital content in a whole new way.

Very fun and interesting interview.  All fans of Sue and No Shelf Required should be sure to find this article.  Better yet, pick up a subscription to the fabulous Against the Grain magazine.

For good measure, here are a couple of questions and replies from Dennis’ interview with the Kindles:

Q. Feeling good, Kindle, despite Roy Tenant’s prognostications?
Kindle2: You talking to me – or my older, fatter brother – the guy who looks out of Apple 2 era?
Kindle1.1: Who is Roy Tenant?

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