BYU Using the Kindle for ILL

Hotdog, someone has started a much needed plan to get eBooks part of the ILL program.  According to a 6/10/09 LJ article, BYU Library has a pilot program wth 3 Kindles.  They are  circulating these kindles with a variety of very new titles, too new for ILL.  Verbal permission was given from Amazon, nothing in writing.  Highly recommended to speak with Amazon before you delve into loaning out Kindles.  Check out the article for more details.

2 thoughts on “BYU Using the Kindle for ILL”

  1. It seems this ended just as soon as it began. BYU has now suspended this service citing the need for a written agreement from Amazon. Can’t say I blame them, but am happy they are paving the trail for all of us.

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