DailyLit Tips and Tricks

Have you tried out DailyLit?  It’s a great ebook site that sends daily installments of books via email or RSS feed.  Here are some tips and tricks they suggest.  TIPS AND TRICKS ON DAILYLIT

Here are some useful tips you may not know that can help make DailyLit even easier to use:

—Customize: You can completely customize the delivery date, time, format (HTML or plain-text), and length (normal, 2X, or 4X) of your installments. Click on “Advanced” while you’re signing up for a book or click on the “Manage Your Book Settings” link at the end of any installment—then click on “More” next to the name of the book you want to edit.

—Connect: You can link your DailyLit profile to Twitter to let your followers know what you’ve been reading, become a fan of DailyLit on Facebook, and log in to DailyLit using Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, MySpace, AOL, and OpenID. Oh, and you can follow @DailyLit on Twitter, too!

—Keep Track: You can create Booklists on DailyLit to keep track of books you like or books you want to read. And, when you finish your current book, the next book on your To-Read list will automatically start coming to you.

—Show Off: Show your friends what you’re reading by putting the DailyLit book roll onto your blog. Login to DailyLit and you’ll see a link to “Add a book roll to your blog” under the “Your Widgets” heading.

—Keep Up: If sometimes your scheduled installments don’t appear, don’t worry. Check your spam folder to see if they ended up there. If not, you can easily resend installments to yourself by following the directions here.