Want to chat about eBook Devices in Libraries?

A new Google discussion group has been launched to discuss eBook devices in libraries.  According to the site, “this group is designed for discussions of what libraries are doing vis-a-vis eBook services designed primarily for reading on portable electronic reading devices.”  As of this morning, 85 members have joined, but the discussion is a bit quiet.  I’m certain that will change soon as there is plenty to talk about on eBook devices in libraries.  Anyone can join and the group email address is:  ebook-devices-in-libraries@googlegroups.com

One thought on “Want to chat about eBook Devices in Libraries?”

  1. In consulting for publishers, over the past few months during library visits I have heard “We are considering eBook devices.” At the same time I observe the Kindle as the current one that students and the public seem to be carrying. A discussion of this topic will be helpful. My latest observations are that the ever new or updated platforms, legal questions, and quality of illustrated content are the barriers.

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