More ebook preconference presentations – Workflow & Cataloging Issues

Charleston Conference – eBooks, Not just another binding preconference

Session 2 – eBooks and Libraries:  Workflow & Cataloging Issues

Implementing ebooks in a traditional print environment presents different challenges and opportunities.  Cataloging, workflow integration, content discovery, vendors and licensing agreements, budgeting, and patron driven acquisition issues will be discussed along with practical advice from librarians.

Lisa Sibert, University of California- Irvine –  Lisa Sibert part 1 Lisa Sibert part 2

Lindsey Schell, Bibliographer, University of Texas at Austin presentation

Supplier-provided MARC records-with-purchase have become the norm for aggregated ebooks as libraries cope with large title sets and limited resources.  While this appears to be an extension of the general trend toward shelfready new purchases and outsourced cataloging, the ebook model is not a parallel to the print paradigm.  Deb Silverman will discuss some of the issues that both libraries and vendors face as they try to integrate ebook records from vendors into their locally curated catalogs, and how the cataloging community is addressing some of these issues to insure that the catalog functions as an integrated effective discovery tool.
Deb Silverman, Manager of Technical Services, Coutts Information Systems presentation