DailyLit now completely FREE

Just saw this news on one of my RSS feeds, so I went to the DailyLit site to verify.  Sure enough, it’s free.  Thanks Susan!  The press release is below.  If you aren’t familiar with DailyLit, I did a post about them a while back and also interviewed Susan Danziger, the CEO back in of 2008.

We are thrilled to announce that DailyLit is now 100% free. Starting now, any book, story or series featured on DailyLit is being made available for free.

DailyLit has always been about responding to our readers – any feature we’ve launched or change we’ve made has been in response to readers’ requests. We’re now listening to our readers once again, and it’s clear that they most appreciate the wonderful books, stories and installments available for free.

DailyLit depends on the support of sponsors to continue to offer high quality books and stories for free. We’re thankful for such sponsors as HarperStudio and Random House as well as Diane Von Furstenberg (who’s giving the gift of her favorite book, free through January). If you’re interested in our sponsorship program, please contact me at: susan[at]dailylit[dot]com.

With the support of our sponsors, we’ll do our best to continue to present series of the highest quality and will strive to continue to earn the reputation we’ve recently received as the #1 Book Website (as selected by The Sunday Times).