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January 11th, 2010 · by spolanka · 2 Comments

Interesting article in the NYT today about Barnes & Noble’s textbook rental program.  According to the article, textbooks can be rented from college bookstores for about 42% of the retail price.  B & N piloted the program last year in a few schools, it has now been expanded to 25 campuses.  Renting textbooks isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s picked up in popularity due to federal grants for bookstores to start rental programs (to combat the high cost of textbooks).  Cengage and are also options.   Are you allowed to highlight and write in the rented books I wonder?  If this takes off, how might this impact the regularity of new editions?  Unfortunately, it only offers an option to students, renting.  It doesn’t get to the heart of the matter, which is the high cost of the book.

Here in Ohio we experimented with leasing e-textbooks from CourseSmart.  It didn’t work out so well because the program has been canceled.  Students just aren’t ready to embrace the e-textbook, they want “a real book.”

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  • 1 Ken // Jan 21, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    Hi – can you expand on why you think the CourseSmart experiment didn’t work?

  • 2 spolanka // Jan 21, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    I think the main problem was the lack of interest from students. The revenues weren’t there. Secondly, I think it was fear of lawsuits from organizations representing the blind. The case against ASU and the AZ Board of Regents brought this issue to light (