TOC- Who Needs You, Big Publishing?

TOC – Wednesday keynote – Who Needs You, Big Publishing?  How Authors Can Own Al Rights and Make More Monday – Scott Sigler

  • every word he’s every published is completely free, unabridged, everything – the whole story, he puts the decision process on the consumer to decide if his content is good enough for them to purchase
  • he has his own website, facebook, twitter, mySpace, etc.  – all with a good number of followers; constant connection with his audience which he can stay in front of
  • His book ANCESTOR – put out in April of 2007
  • he had already given it away for free, but it was now for sale online by a small Canadian publisher
  • he topped the charts in his genre on Amazon
  • this success has led to more books, more paperbacks, hardcovers, etc.

Why go solo?

  • publishing industry in decline, he doesn’t want to be on one of the imprints that gets scrapped
  • management changes, layoffs can impact how/when you get published if your “boss” changes
  • marketing budgets are unknown and you have lack of control over marking and mesage
  • He wants control, stability and not having to need anyone else

He founded Dark Overlord Media and hired a company to help with events, planning, etc. and launched his own marketing campaign for a new title.  The new title was offered pre-pub to raise money for printing the first run – sold 1000 copies in the first day.  Spent a lot of money and time getting the book printed, marketed, and shipped with a net 38% profit.

Why is this a threat – if he can sell 1,000 copies the first day, imagine what a big author can do in one day. He estimates a profit margin of 60% for big authors vs. the 10 – 12% normal profit.

Who needs big publishing?  he does, he considers it an AND nor an OR relationship.  The exposure cycle builds sales opportunities and the big publishers can help with paperback runs, translations, and other bigger issues.

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