During the TOC Conference I got a demo of iFactory’s new platform, PubFactory from Tom Beyer, Director of Publishing at iFactory.

PubFactory is an online publishing platform for publishers or libraries that is xml based, and supports ePub, DocBook, TEI, and NLM Journal formats.  They also support ONIX and RDF for metadata and PDF (metadata and full text searching/viewing). 

The user interface boasts the following features:

* Supports a full text search and taxonomies
* Standard tools – emailing, printing, sharing for social bookmarks,
* Citation support – MLA, Chicago, APA with exports to Ref Manager, Zotero, RefWorks, and others.
* Embedded images, charts, graphs
* Open URL support
* Supports individual registration so users can login and create a personal account to bookmark and save any url on the site (content or searches) and get search alerts.
* search, browse and advanced search options available.
* advanced search allows field searching and hooks in the taxonomies

Another very interesting feature in PubFactory is the ability to create your own ebook.

* You can create an ebook from saved content – supports PDF and ePub with options for keeping original page numbers, citations, and grayscale for images, it includes footer for who created the book, vendor branding and offers two sets of page numbers (original page from source and page in book)
* preserves links for open url
* linkable TOC

Features for publishers/vendors/libraries who use PubFactory for their interface (aka, the back end)

* Search alerts or new content alerts can be established through RSS feeds, customized according to the publishers needs
* Publishers can set a “toll free” link for users to have public access to specific data for a certain number of days.
* A three step process for content loading is also available and contains:
* Source – from XML vendor, this is one of the content loading areas, publishers can turn this over to the digitization vendor
* Staging – review content and edit, QA area
* Live – replicate to live site
* Marketing Back End – news, post RSS feeds, standard content management system (copyright, about, use, etc)
* The general look of the interface can be customized according to the needs of the vendor/library