Publishers speak up about eBooks – Aptara Survey Results

Aptara just released the results of a survey to more than 300 publishers about eBooks.  The three most insightful results according to Aptara are:

  • Those who are publishing eBooks are forgoing substantial revenue by vastly limiting their potential readership
  • most publishers are using their own eCommerce sites and not taking advantage of major distribution channels that provide access to the largest available audiences of digitally savvy consumers most publishers are creating
  • eBooks that cannot be read on most mobile devices

One thought on “Publishers speak up about eBooks – Aptara Survey Results”

  1. Nice post, I have to agree, the separate platforms by each pub can cause issues, you then have an ROI that the publisher needs to get back to maintain plus from a library standpoint, it’s another license. This is where a third part can really come in handy.

    The mobile device issue is one that has been going for a while, with some of the aggregators they work fine, with others, not so much. The platforms that are unique to pubs have more of a challenge because they have no standard in place. They all do it different and have features unique to their platforms.

    My question for libraries, what is it that will be key for you to use eBooks? Is it software, platform features, mobility, something I am leaving off? How about the ability to sell and use your own digital content?

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