The New NetLibrary… on EBSCOHost

Wow, big news from OCLC and EBSCO yesterday.  NetLibrary and several FirstSearch databases were purchased by EBSCO.  This is very exciting news for eBooks I think.  Soon, the 170,000 plus NetLibrary eBooks (and audiobooks) will be indexed and available on the EBSCOHost platform, as well as remaining on the NetLibrary platform.  No word yet if the eBook content will be a separate database or be indexed within other EBSCO databases.  One can only hope for the ladder to increase the discovery and use of eBooks.   The full press release is online.  Hopefully the EBSCOHost platform will be more printer friendly!

2 thoughts on “The New NetLibrary… on EBSCOHost”

  1. I have to agree I think it is good news Sue. My question will be what will EBSCO do with the platform? Will they revamp it, make it more usable and fix the model for using eBooks? I think it has some great potential, however I think it just needs some tweaking to really get there.

    I also wonder how this will work with those 3rd parties selling Netlibrary, that’ll be interesting.

  2. Erik, I think the plan is to keep the NetLibrary interface but I agree, it needs some revamping. Printing is number one from the users point of view and I know there are other needed features as well. The one copy/one user model isn’t exactly a good thing, but I understand that has more to do with pricing than the interface. I didn’t even think about the 3rd parties selling NetLibrary titles! Keep me posted if you hear anything from that angle.

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