Top eBook/eReader Trends of 2010

Really interesting lists of eBook and eReader trends on the Kindle Review blog (posted March 5th).  Some of the things I was happy to see on the list include:

  • Multi Purpose Devices vs. Dedicated Readers – Will the dedicated readers be able to survive?
  • Rise of ePUB
  • DRM – is it possible we rid of it? ….unfortunately that is followed up by Is it possible it becomes more onerous and widespread?  Clearly this is a trend that can go either direction.
  • Rise of eTextbooks
  • Arrival of Textbook Readers (Entourage eDGe or Kindle DX 2?)

One thing I saw that concerns me –

Libraries and the Kindle – Libraries are flocking to eReaders and eBooks in general and the Kindle in particular.

I hope libraries are looking at the bigger/broader picture of eBooks as well.  I’d hate to see everyone latching on to the Kindle when there are so many new multi-purpose devices coming on the market that allow much more flexibility in eBook downloads/reading.  (Ibis, Blio, Kobo are examples, but not all will work with libraries….yet.  OverDrive is also branching out into DRM free EPUB and PDF for viewing on multiple devices)

2 thoughts on “Top eBook/eReader Trends of 2010”

  1. Wow, so far this prediction has been pretty spot on. Except no mention of the sharp decrease in eReader prices!

    The iPad has definitely caused the first bullet to come into our awareness full force. Multi-purpose devices have always been attractive and the iPad is a good reason why. Although, I still prefer reading on e-ink.

    Barnes and Noble’s new NookStudy should take care of the “rise of etextbooks” prediction. I’m very excited for that except I wish the prices would get even lower than they are expected to be.

  2. I am all for dedicated readers. Electronic Paper Display vs a back lit display? No contest.

    If I have a toothache, I go and see a dentist not a G.P.

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