Credo Launches Topic Pages

I wrote a piece on Credo’s Topic Pages a couple of weeks ago, but here is the official press release announcing the launch of the Topic Page Beta.

Credo Launches Topic Page Beta
The Librarian’s Answer to Wikipedia

Boston and Oxford, (April 8, 2010) – The data is undeniable, a significant majority of today’s researchers turn to Wikipedia at some point in the research process, very often at the beginning, or “presearch” phase of research. Now, Credo Reference is pleased to announce an easy-to-use alternative for researchers – Credo Topic Pages – that help answer the question, “Where do I start?”

Designed to provide contextualized, orderly access to authoritative content, each of the over 10,000 Credo Topic Pages is an all-in-one starting point that assembles topical material from many resources from within and outside the library. Librarians can choose which resources will be displayed on their customized version of Credo Topic Pages, helping their users gain:

* Subject orientation
* Context and vocabulary
* Pathways to further exploration

Credo Topic Pages create value for libraries. Presenting and utilizing the library’s resources at the point of need, Topic Pages function as an “anytime” reference interview. The Topic Pages are designed to drive additional traffic to the library from the open web, increase the usage and value of library resource investments, and bring together unconnected databases into one easy-to-use research gateway.

Libraries who have participated in the beta testing of Credo Topic Pages are giving it rave reviews. “Topic Pages are a great starting point. They give our students a wealth of useful and reliable information,” commented beta tester Doug Frazier, University Librarian, Armstrong Atlantic State University. “The Credo Topic Pages are a great tool to help connect the students and the library’s resources.”

“Credo has recognized the need to move away from the simple replication of ‘books on shelves’ to ‘books online’.” said Carolyn Waite, Information Services Senior Manager, Lancashire County Library & Information Service. “Credo Topic Pages are addressing many of our biggest discovery challenges – integrating content in the user’s workflow and promoting usage.”

“Credo is focused on bringing innovations to the library market and unlocking the full value of what the library has to offer,” added Mike Sweet, Credo Reference CEO. “With the exciting new Credo Topic Pages as a guide, research is made more seamless, taking less effort and delivering more value than ever before.”


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