Students Give E-textbooks Failing Grade

Interesting blog post from ereads summarizing several articles about student reactions to eBook readers and digital textbooks. A quote from the article states, “Students around the nation are flunking the format. They want their paper books back. It seems that e-readers are okay for reading, but textbooks are seldom read immersively like novels, and so far the e-books can’t match the functionality of good old paper.”

Thanks @mlharper for the tweet.

2 thoughts on “Students Give E-textbooks Failing Grade”

  1. As a librarian and adjunct prof, I am hearing mixed reactions to e-textbooks. I know the publishers are still experimenting with them. This fall I will teach with a text that has a variety of options including e-text. The version I favored is 3 ring binder ready. Of course, the textbook companies are also pushing their added electronic content. It will be interesting to see which version works best. The sticking point for me is, the students “rent” access to the textbook, so after the semester they have nothing to consult.

  2. Miriam,
    We’d love to hear from you this fall about the textbook format of choice for your class and which worked best for the students. Sue

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