OverDrive to offer Disney Digital Books

OverDrive has signed a preliminary agreement with Disney Digital Books (www.disneydigitalbooks.com) that will enable libraries to offer access to Disney’s comprehensive library of books online. Young library patrons and their parents will be able to enjoy-for the first time-unlimited access to over 600 new and classic Disney books for kids of all ages with just an Internet-connection and library card. The extensive library features hundreds of digital books available at the click of a mouse, including favorites from popular Disney franchises such as Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Disney Princess, Cars, and Hannah Montana, along with many other classic and contemporary Disney stories.

The site offers children of all ages, reading levels, and interests a broad selection of books and features including Look and Listen titles that allow children to hear a story read aloud; a Story-Builder feature so kids can create and share their own stories; and an age-appropriate dictionary that lets children click on any word to hear it read aloud, select unfamiliar words, and read simple definitions.

Libraries will be able to add a subscription to Disney Digital Books using their OverDrive Content Reserve (www.contentreserve.com) account. Users will authenticate on the existing OverDrive-powered library website, and then the Disney Digital Books website will launch in their browser. The service is PC and Mac® compatible and does not require a download.