eBook vs. Hardcover: Beyond the Headlines

Another great summary article from Digital Book World, this time written by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, “eBook vs. Hardcover:  Beyond the Headlines.”  Gonzalez analyzes the Amazon announcement that it’s eBook sales now outnumber hardback sales.  He states 3 important takeaways:

  • the iPad is not a replacement for the Kindle, but complimentary.  The long game for Amazon always has been leveraging their existing customer base and becoming the dominant seller of eBooks
  • eBooks fit perfectly into Amazons long tail strategy
  • Amazon chooses words carefully, stating their “hardcover sales continue to grow”

Gonzalez also says, “eBooks undoubtedly offer the opportunity to expand overall book sales and direct engagement with readers, but only if publishers can get above the trees and take a look at the forest.”

One thought on “eBook vs. Hardcover: Beyond the Headlines”

  1. I agree. Amazon will definitely continue to do well now that they have their Kindle app on multiple platforms including most importantly for the current moment, the iPad. The fact that the ebookstore is synchronized across all the different platforms makes it a very easy system to get on board with, but I have heard that there have been issues with the number of times you can download the books before the DRM locks you out. : (

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