All E-Book Diet – eTextbook program at Daytona State College

Inside Higher Education featured an article this morning, The All E-Book Diet.  The article discusses the eTextbook  plan from Daytona State College which is to “eliminate the used-book and rental markets on campus and have all students buy e-books.”

From the article:  Here is how it will work at Daytona State, beginning in January: Instead of having professors tell students what books to buy and then letting them try to find the cheapest option regardless of medium, Daytona State will buy a license from publishers to grant students access to electronic versions of the texts and charge them a “digital materials” fee. The college would require publishers to provide e-books that can be read by multiple types of e-reader, including regular computers; students would have to buy a device if they do not already have one, but the college says even then the new system would save them so much on course materials that they would still be paying 50 to 70 percent less than before (the college also owns 4,000 computers that students can use).