IGI Global offers array of eBooks, databases, and forthcoming library science series

I knew upon seeing the mailing address of IGI Global – Chocolate Ave. in Hershey, PA, that I would like them.  But, upon leaving the NY offices I was presented with a box of chocolates, and I liked them even more.  What I didn’t know but soon came to discover, was the enormous amount of eBooks, journals, and databases they have produced since their founding in 1988.

Here are some highlights of the products, available and forthcoming, from IGI Global:

  • Array of academic, research-based publications in the areas of education, social science, library science, healthcare, business management, public administration, and computer science
  • InfoSci-Books, an online platform housing over 1200 ebooks
  • Info-Sci-Journals, comprising 100 scholarly journals in computer and information science and technology applied to business and public administration, engineering, education, and more
  • Info-Sci Cases, a teaching-focused database that provides professors, students, and librarians with access to 600-plus teaching cases based on real-life solutions.

Also on the horizon for 2011 and beyond is the release of a brand new book series, “Advances in Library and Information Science,” edited by former Library Journal Reference Editor Mirela Roncevic and covering a range of issues affecting public, school, academic, and specialized libraries in the United States and abroad.  (I’m editing one of the titles in the series – eReference Context and Discoverability in Libraries: Issues and Concepts – thus my visit.)

Another really neat product they offer is Business-Technology-Solution.  BTS is a new ebook platform designed for libraries and academic institutions looking to boost their business and management collections with the latest research on technology as related to business and managerial issues. BTS includes 42,000 full-text articles in PDF and XML and more than one million reference citations. They access nearly 1000 reference publications, 100 journals, and over 500 cases (which are pretty cool).  It’s updated continuously as new IGI Global books and journals go to press and allows for unlimited simultaneous access.  The product also includes:  free MARC records, open URL compliance, persistent URLs, citation export to RefWorks,  COUNTER use reports, and a librarian admin tools area.  The best part though is chapter and complete title viewing options with NO DRM.  If you are interested, a 3D e-brochure may be viewed here.