Alexander Street Press Launches Send-to-Mobile Functionality

ASP just announced new functionality for their video products.  The following is from an email from ASP:  I am pleased to let you know that we now have “Send-to-Mobile” functionality for our video collections as well as our streaming music collections. Videos in Dance in Video and Opera in Video can now be sent to a user’s mobile device for on-the-go viewing.

As with our streaming music collections, you will go to a streaming video databases and look for a cell phone icon (“Send-to-Mobile”) next to each title.  Wherever you see that icon you can click it and obtain a “shortlink” to send and enable playback on your mobile device; the link is active for 48 hours. We provide several methods to send this link:

*   Send a text message to your mobile.
*   Email the link to your email address, which you can pick up on your mobile.
*   Enter the link URL manually into your mobile’s web browser.
*   On supported devices you can scan a QR-Code directly from your computer screen.  You will need to download a QR-Code reader application to do so.

At this time, this functionality is supported on:
*  Apple iPhone on 3G network or better
*  Mobile Device with Android OS

(Please note that some issues were encountered with widescreen videos on DVDs with multiple works. These videos do not work in mobile streaming so the send-to-mobile icon is not appearing for them in the live products. This affects ~5% of Opera in Video titles and ~10% of Dance in Video titles. We are re-encoding these last stragglers and aim to have the work complete by the November content update.)

Next on the list for mobile streaming is Theatre in Video, followed by Counseling and Therapy in Video, Ethnographic Video Online, and American History in Video.  World History in Video will have the Send-to-Mobile functionality upon release.