New Interface for Reference Universe

Paratext has made some changes to the interface of Reference Universe.  RU is a great discovery tool for print and online reference collections as it provides a searchable index of the entries and TOC of reference sources.   Here are some of the changes you’ll see:

  • A ‘Location’ snapshot, showing results in both e- and print form instantly.
  • New, faceted search options permit refining your query further through LC Subject Headings.
  • Modified organization of citation data, resulting in more intuitive use of the database.
  • A direct link to the Paratext Support site (
  • A new Quick Guide to give an overall snapshot of how the service works
  • Book covers to give context to the result sets
  • The ability to export results sets more quickly.
  • A New Introductory page, to encourage users to begin their research through your carefully-selected reference collection.

Current customers can perform a new search here and get a list of changes here.

Those who are not yet users of Reference Universe can see a snapshot of the service here.

This new introductory page opens the door to Reference Universe in a whole new way, providing your users with a basic description of what Reference Universe does and why it is useful to the research process, and offering a sense of the variety of useful information that can be found in reference works via the reference discoveries scroll bar.  The search box in the bottom right takes you directly into your Reference Universe search results.  In addition, you’ll find details on new content added to the database and a link to subscribe to the Paratext RSS feed.