Credo Reference adds 4 titles from the Berg Publisher Collection

Boston and Oxford, (October 20, 2010) – Credo Reference, the award-winning online reference library, has signed an agreement with Berg Publishers to offer its four Cultural History book series as a Berg Publisher Collection on the Credo Platform.

Berg is an award-winning publisher of academic books, journals, reference works and textbooks in the social sciences and humanities with a strong focus on culture and the visual arts. Credo Reference will be adding the following series, 24 titles in all, to its reference services:

  • A Cultural History of Sexuality
  • A Cultural History of Animals, A CHOICE “Outstanding Academic Title”
  • A Cultural History of the Human Body
  • A Cultural History of Childhood and Family

Each six volume set presents an overarching survey from ancient times to the present, covering 2800 years, and in the case of A Cultural History of Animals, 4500 years of human-animal interaction. A Cultural History of Childhood and Family charts the cultural, social, economic, religious, medical and political changes in domestic life over time.