YBP and EBL Partner for First Demand-Driven Approval Plan

YBP Library Services and Ebook Library (EBL) have announce that they have combined their unique strengths to create the first demand-driven approval plans.  With this announcement, followed by developments to come later, the two companies will use the accurate, book-in-hand descriptions from YBP’s approval process with the malleable patron-driven tools of EBL to offer a unique just-in-time approach to delivering books for their customers.  Here is how the service works.

Libraries can use YBP ‘s approval capabilities to indicate the books that they want, or do not want, to see, but rather than receive the titles as an automatic book or as a slip, they can designate them DDA (demand-driven acquisition).  When a book fits the rules for a DDA title, YBP alerts EBL, and EBL delivers a url that goes into the bibliographic record.  YBP sends the records to the library, which puts them in the OPAC.  When a patron finds an interesting record, the url links them out to their EBL site.  There, the student or faculty member has five minutes to browse the book and metadata before deciding whether they need to check it out.

If the library patron wants to use the book, among the options available are a short-term loan or a purchase.  The choices can be mediated by the library, or not, as the library decides.  One scenario would be that on a first, second, or third use the library allows a short-term loan and so pays only a small percentage of the price of the book.  But after books have been used several times, the library can allow an automatic or mediated purchase to occur.

In the initial offering the DDA-Approval workflow will be available for a limited list of publishers and will apply only to ebooks.  But within a short time a larger publisher list will apply and, for cases where the print edition precedes the ebook, libraries will be able to obtain the print.  Over time, plans call for extending the service to an increasing percentage of the books YBP handles on approval.

For more information, write David.Swords@Eblib.com