More Content Added to WorldCat Local

From an OCLC Press Release:  In addition to the 200 million records contributed by OCLC member libraries worldwide, 500 million items from leading publishers, aggregators and mass digitization efforts are also now accessible through WorldCat Local.

OCLC has recently added content to WorldCat Local from EBSCO; Gale, part of Cengage Learning; Modern Language Association; ProQuest and the U.S. Department of Energy. There are now more than 400 million articles, 170 million books, 10 million eBooks and 1,100 databases accessible through the WorldCat Local service.

Additional agreements have been signed with ABC-CLIO, American Psychological Association, Association for Computing Machinery, BioMed Central, BioOne, Cambridge University Press, Emerald, IGI Global, Sabinet, Sage, Taylor & Francis and World Bank Publications.

OCLC has added databases accessible through the WorldCat Local central index, which delivers an enhanced user experience because searches will immediately retrieve records indexed within the WorldCat Local service. Other databases are accessible through a quick, remote WorldCat Local single search that is integrated into a single set of results.

Recent additions to the WorldCat Local central index include:

  • Gale:  Academic OneFile, Expanded Academic ASAP, General One File
  • Modern Language Association:  MLA International Bibliography
  • ProQuest:  Early English Books MARC Records
  • U.S. Department of Energy:  Energy Citations Database

Recently added remote-access databases searchable through the WorldCat Local single search include:

  • Gale:  Health & Wellness Center with Alternative Health; Health Reference Center Academic, and Literature Resource Center
  • EBSCO:  Computer Source; Economia y Negocios; Fuente Academica; GreenFILE; MedicLatina; Primary Search; Professional Development Collection; Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection; Science & Technology Collection; World History Collection; Teacher Reference Center; Texas Reference Center; TOPICSearch; Vocational & Career Collection

OCLC is working on behalf of libraries and along with libraries, leading publishers, aggregators and mass digitization efforts to make the full range of library resources accessible through WorldCat Local, providing an integrated discovery and delivery service for libraries’ physical, licensed and locally produced electronic collections.

WorldCat Local expands a library’s collections by combining items from the library, relevant groups or consortia, and libraries around the world through a single search and result set. Built on the foundation of WorldCat, the comprehensive source for discovery of items held by libraries, WorldCat Local allows users to discover unique, locally available resources as well as materials in other libraries around the world.

In addition to new content, OCLC continues to add new features and functionality to WorldCat Local. OCLC recently added direct links to full-text articles and open access objects from the brief results in WorldCat Local and This new feature is enhanced by the new WorldCat knowledge base functionality that combines data about libraries’ electronic content with linking features that enable access to the content.

A new mobile view in beta form is now available for both WorldCat Local and “quick start” libraries. The new mobile view for WorldCat Local is optimized for the Apple iOS and Android platforms, but any smartphone browser, including Windows 7 Mobile and Blackberry is supported.