CQ to launch First Street – a database for researching political relationships

CQ Press will launch a new, revolutionary database in April of 2011 – First Street.  First Street consolidates congressional, government and lobbying data back to 1993, including CQs plethora of staff directories.  The First Street Coalition Builder (TM), the coolest part of the product, is a visual mapping tool which displays connections between staffers, lobbyists, and members of Congress.  More information, from the website, is below.

First Street consolidates vital Congressional, government and lobbying information from authoritative data sources giving users an unprecedented understanding and visualization of the relationships shaping policy. Developed for lobbyists, law firms, associations, and anyone working to affect policy, First Street enables users to:

  • Research a contact’s work history in Congress, Federal agencies, and as a registered lobbyist
  • Visualize how lobbying firms and clients are related
  • Uncover what government agencies and legislation lobbying firms are lobbying
  • Identify lobbyists active in issue areas or lobbying a piece of legislation
  • Find all staff or lobbyists with experience on a certain issue
  • Quickly build contact lists enabling proactive coalition building
  • Save searches and bookmark specific interests

Also, the First Street Coalition Builder™ tool allows users to visualize the in-depth connections between staffers, lobbyists, and members of Congress. The tool allows users to quickly research and build coalitions to help them shape policy decisions.

A sample of the data sources included in First Street:

  • Registered Lobbyists
  • Lobbyist and Lobbying Firms Information
  • Members of Congress
  • Staff in Congressional Offices
  • Agency Heads
  • Cabinet Members
  • Federal Offices and Agencies staff
  • Elections Data
  • District Information
  • FEC