Michigan and Kentucky University Presses Using Ingram’s CoreSource

Wow, University Presses are in the news this week.  This is the 5th press release I’ve gotten!

Ingram Content Group Inc., announced agreements with two notable university presses for e-content management. The University of Michigan Press and The University Press of Kentucky have selected Ingram’s digital asset management platform, CoreSource®, to archive and distribute materials to partners worldwide.

The University of Michigan Press, part of the University of Michigan Library, was founded 80 years ago and is a primary publishing unit of the University today.  The Press publishes materials in a wide range of humanities and social science disciplines. It recently launched its innovative University of Michigan Digital Humanities Series, which advances understanding of the dynamic relationships between humanities and digital technologies. The Press has a mission of using the best technology to disseminate the information it publishes as freely and widely as possible, while preserving the integrity of published scholarship.  To further its mission, the Press selected Ingram’s CoreSource® platform for digital file management and distribution of both frontlist and backlist titles.   

Sponsoring publishing since 1943, The University Press of Kentucky (UPK) publishes books of high scholarly merit in a variety of fields in addition to books about the history and culture of Kentucky, the Ohio Valley region, the Upper South, and Appalachia. In the last quarter of this year, four titles from the press were reviewed positively by The Wall Street Journal.  Those titles are Beetle: The Life of Walter Bedell Smith; Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman in Film; How Kentucky Became Southern: A Tale of Outlaws, Horse Thieves, Gamblers and Breeders; and Von Sternberg. UPK has selected Ingram’s CoreSource® for their electronic content management needs, making their entire frontlist and select backlist tiles available through the platform. UPK currently uses Ingram’s Lightning Source for their print-on-demand initiatives.

“We selected Ingram for our e-content management needs because of our already successful track record with them, the positive reputation they have in the industry, and the proven strength of their digital solutions,” said John Hussey, Director of Marketing and Sales, The University Press of Kentucky.  “With the publishing world changing at a record pace, it made good sense to select a partner who has the trust of the leading vendors of both print and electronic content.”

Ingram’s CoreSource® is an easy to use, online solution for the storage, management, and distribution of digital content. CoreSource® delivers a secure, searchable content repository and a high-capacity data distribution network, allowing publishers to move digital content easily and swiftly from their organization to any channel partner globally.  Lightning Source, the print-on-demand unit of Ingram Content Group, is the leading provider of comprehensive print-on-demand and distribution services to publishers worldwide.