Credo Reference to offer free, online seminar series

Credo Reference offers monthly Online Seminar Series, Librarians can sign up at:

Each month, librarians can choose one of two dates to participate in the month’s seminar. Librarians can get additional information and sign up at: From budgets to e-Resources, to library technology in 2011, Seminar Speaker Peter Ciuffetti, Director of Library Solutions for Credo Reference, will cover:

  • Innovating on a Budget

Tuesday, February 1, 10 A. M. EST or Tuesday, February 15, 1 P.M. EST

Explore and analyze cases where libraries are innovating despite an uncertain budgetary climate. Some are even enhancing the user experience while reducing costs at the same time! Learn more about how open source, cloud computing and community cooperation are changing libraries today.

  • What is “Context” for e-Resources?

Wednesday, March 2, 10 A.M. EST or Wednesday, March 16, 1 P.M. EST

What does it mean for libraries to provide users their information “in context?” Does separating the information from its context actually reduce the value of the information? What are the best practices in this area?

  • Information Literacy and the Oprah Effect

Thursday, April 7, 10 A.M. EST or Thursday, April 21, 1 P.M. EST

The Oprah Effect and the Slashdot Effect are both phenomena that significantly increase awareness of a product, book or website due to the significance of the player making the reference. What can librarians learn from these phenomena when promoting information literacy?

  • e-Resources in Thesis Development

Tuesday, May 3, 10 A.M. EST or Tuesday, May 17, 1 P.M. EST

Can the e-resources provided by the library help students develop their thesis as they work on assignments? Are there gaming approaches to thesis development or information literacy that integrate play and work?

  • Radical costs savings in library technology deployment

Wednesday, June 1, 10 A.M. EST or Wednesday, June 15, 1 P.M. EST

Is it possible for a library with virtually no resources to leap into the 21st century and beyond? Can one librarian, without programming skills and a $999 budget pull together an advanced online presence for her library?