Horizon Report – Ebooks – One year or less to Adoption

This is probably not a surprise to many people, but the 2011 Horizon Report has listed eBooks as a technology that has one year or less to adoption.

From the Horizon Report:  “Now that they are firmly established in the consumer sector, electronic books are beginning to demonstrate capabilities that challenge the very definition of reading. Audiovisual, interactive, and social elements enhance the informational content of books and magazines. Social tools extend the reader’s experience into the larger world, connecting readers with one another and enabling deeper, collaborative explorations of the text. The content of electronic books and the social activities they enable, rather than the device used to access them, are the keys to their popularity; nearly everyone carries some device that can function as an electronic reader, and more people are engaging with electronic books than ever before.”

Mobile is another one year or less to adoption technology.

Augmented reality and game-based learning are two to three years out, and gesture based computing and learning analytics are four to five years out.

One thought on “Horizon Report – Ebooks – One year or less to Adoption”

  1. Now just imagine in 5 years when game, identity and narrative explode from you handy touch device immersing you in blissful transmedia – and 3G data is as standard as nappy on a toddler.

    I struggle (even though I’m a fan) to see how education will adopt game approaches – but rather think that publishing will do it for them.

    The question then is – what’s a teacher for … after all game-devs don’t see teachers as necessary peripherals at all.

    Interesting times, thanks for the link.

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