January eBook sales more than doubled, but at the cost of print?

From an article at Read Write Web by Audrey Watters:  “The Association of American Publishers (AAP) released its figures from January 2011 book sales, and the news echoes what we’ve come to expect: more readers are turning to e-books, and they’re doing so in droves. In face, e-book sales have more than doubled since the same time last year. According to the AAP, e-book sales are up 115.8%, from $32.4 million to $69.9 million year-over-year.”

Watters asks, But how does that impact the rest of the publishing industry?  According to the numbers, there were overall declining sales for books.  “But the drop in sales overall was small – just 1.9% – as total book sales across all platforms and across all categories fell from $821.5 million in January 2010 to $805.7 million in January of this year.”

Breakdown in those sales:

  • Adult mass market paperback  fell over 30%
  • Adult paperbacks dropped almost 20%.
  • Adult hardcover sales fell 11%
  • Children’s hardcover sales fell 2%
  • Paperback sales fell 17.7%
  • Altogether, the drop in sales of these two key elements of the publishing industry amounted to a $50 million decline

One thought on “January eBook sales more than doubled, but at the cost of print?”

  1. This should not come as a suprise. Lots of e-readers were given as gifts for the holiday. People played with them a bit and then began to fill the empty devices. If I remember right e-book sales on Christmas were large. It only makes sense that the buying continue into January. It should level out over time.

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