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From a Salem Press email:

During the past weeks, Japan’s earthquake, the resulting tsunami and damage to several of the country’s nuclear power plants have brought this energy source to the news. The benefits, challenges and dangers of nuclear energy have been much discussed. Sometimes in heated, partisan ways. Since a little historical perspective is always a good thing, we thought Salem might contribute a bit to the discussion.

Salem Press has published a great deal on the history, environmental impact, importance and personalities involved in the nuclear industry. We’ve looked at the matter in several reference sets, from many perspectives.

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We’ve selected four articles (from four reference works) that your patrons and students may find informative. You may download them freely, print as many copies of these articles as you need, and distribute them any way you’d like.

The articles we’ve posted are:

  • “Nuclear Energy” (4,687 words) from Global Resources
  • Several articles on “Climate” from Global Warming
  • “Enrico Fermi” (1,692 words) from Inventors & Inventions
  • “Chernobyl Meltdown” (2,315 words) from The 20th Century

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