ebrary launches use-triggered short-term loans

From an ebrary press release:  ebrary®, a leading provider of e-books and research technology, today announced the availability of usage-triggered Short-Term Loans.  Currently in beta, this groundbreaking model provides libraries with all of the benefits of traditional short-term loans with the added advantage of only paying if titles are used.

ebrary’s new Short-Term Loans can be a library’s standalone cost-saving service, or used in conjunction with ebrary’s Patron Driven Acquisition program to offer an additional layer of mediation before titles are triggered for purchase.  As YBP’s preferred e-book vendor, ebrary also makes Short-Term Loans available through YBP’s Demand Driven Acquisition service.

“Libraries that take advantage of this new model will receive a guaranteed return on their investment,” said Kevin Sayar, President of ebrary.  “Not only can libraries provide researchers with on-demand access to authoritative e-books from leading publishers, they are only charged ten to thirty percent of list price determined by publishers if titles are actually triggered.  We are pleased to be the first in the industry to offer usage-triggered Short-Term Loans.”

ebrary’s new Short-Term Loans are available for one or seven day periods.  When the loan is triggered, libraries receive a notification and are given a number of flexible options including purchasing the title, making it available for purchase through Patron Driven Acquisition, or offering another Short-Term Loan.  Libraries may offer up to three loans per title.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Ability to offer as a standalone service or in conjunction with Patron Driven Acquisition.
  • Triggering system ensures titles receive real usage.
  • Growing selection of eligible e-books from such renowned publishers as Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, The McGraw Hill Companies, Wiley, and many others.
  • Robust, do-it-yourself title selection and real-time management of collection profiles, fund codes, and alerts.
  • Seamless integration with other ebrary products including Academic Complete™ with DASH!™, recently added to the CHOICE OAT List.
  • Available any time through any web-enabled device including the iPad.

·         ebrary InfoTools™, which turns every word into a portal to additional information on the web.

·         Notes and highlights that are automatically stored on a personal bookshelf.

·         Ability to copy/paste and print text with automatic citations and URL hyperlinks back to the source.

·         Personal bookshelves with moveable folders that can be shared with others.

·         Multiple options for searching, navigating, and browsing.

·         ADA 508c compliant content, text-to-speech, and other accessibility features.

·         Free on-demand MARC records.

·         Granular COUNTER-compliant usage reports.

·         24/7 web-based training with a real person.

One thought on “ebrary launches use-triggered short-term loans”

  1. I am utterly confused about how (and why) ebrary can claim this as”first in the industry to offer usage-triggered Short-Term Loans.”. I don’t see anything in the announcement that makes this look much different from EBook Library’s short term loan which they’ve had available for at least five years. They even use the same name to describe it.
    I have requested a phone call with ebrary for more information but no response from them yet.

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