World eBook Fair – 6.5 million ebooks available through August 4th

The World eBook Fair runs from July 4 through August 4, 2011. Their goal is to provide Free public access for a month to 6.5 Million eBooks.  Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive are both contributing organizations and will be presenting a number of items in other media this year, including music, movies and artwork, even dance choreography.  The collections include light and heavy reading materials, more reference books, scientific items, etc., and about 50,000 music entries in addition to the 12,000 that debuted last year.

All are welcome to join the World Public Library as well for an annual membership of $8.95 per year.  Members can download a selection of about 2,000,000 PDF eBooks.

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  1. I have been pleasantly surprised by the resources available through Project Gutenberg in the past. I am eager to check this out! Thanks!

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