The lobbying behind publishing and textbooks – A First Street report

First Street, a new political intelligence product from CQ Press, a division of SAGE Inc., offers a look into the relationships between legislators, lobbyists, and others influencing policy making in the US.  The product launched earlier this year.  They have been releasing topical reports, highlighting the lobbying in the topic area as well as the features of the First Street database.  Alex Bronstein-Moffly, Online Content Manager with First Street recently author a report titled, The Lobbying Behind Publishing and Textbooks.  This report takes a look at the lobbying of the Association of American Publisher’s (AAP) and the National Association of College Stores NACS); issues lobbied in the last few years; and textbook legislation lobbying.

For more information on First Street: Information Today Newsbreak about CQ Press’ First Street

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  1. who knew there was this level of lobbying going on behalf of Colleges and Universities? how are professors now teaching undergraduate and graduate students about lobbying and advocacy in the political process? this is a great example of directly showing students how lobbying is either positively or adversely affecting their lives.

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