Interview with Douglas County Libraries’ Jordana Vincent

The Douglas County Libraries (Colorado) have embarked on a quest to purchase eBook content to load on their own Adobe Content Server.  The first milestone in the project was a partnership with the Colorado Independent Publishers Association.  Since then, they have made headway with Gale and Lerner Digital.  Jordana Vincent, Collection Development Librarian at Douglas County Libraries and I discussed the project in a recent NSR interview.  Ms. Vincent discusses several innovative ideas coming from DCL and offers much detail about the current project.  She can be reached for more info at jvincent at dclibraries dot org.

Last week Library Journal’s The Digital Shift featured the DCL and their recent achievements in a feature article.

Joseph Sanchez, previous Director at the Red Rocks Community College is also involved in the Colorado project. NSR interviewed Joseph back in April.

For more information about the project, first sale doctrine, ownership vs. access, and other things library and eBook related, take a look at two blogs.  The first is Joseph Sanchez’s, The Book, My Friend.  The second is Jamie LaRue’s blog, Mylibblog.  Jamie is the Director of the DCL and one of the masterminds behind the project.