Credo Reference introduces literati

I’m sorry I missed posting this press release from Credo.  They are launching a new product – literati.  It’s in beta now with January 2012 set for a live launch.  The design and purpose of the product sounds very intriguing (multi channel design, increase dialog b/t librarians and students, information at the point of need, etc.) and I can’t wait to see it in action.  Here’s more from the press release:

(Boston and Oxford – October 20, 2011) Credo Reference, the leading provider of online research products, enters a new era with the launch of literati by Credo. A solution designed around Credo’s information-aware philosophy and a commitment to promoting research effectiveness, literati by Credo distinguishes itself from an increasingly crowded field of library products by offering capabilities that empower users and improve information literacy.

literati by Credo brings together the essential components of successful and effective research: technology, content, tools and services to help eliminate the hurdles of discovery, education and assessment, collaboration, classroom integration and library promotion.

“We are committed to continuously providing the best possible solutions for our customers, to improving research outcomes, and working to support the growing need for life-long information fluency,” commented Mike Sweet, Credo Reference CEO. “literati by Credo will enhance the learning environment by giving users a simplified and smart process for locating, analyzing, and utilizing the right information.”

literati by Credo provides a path for librarians, students, and faculty to access information and foster better research outcomes. literati’s multi-channel design enables information access to many sources to provide richer, more accurate and complete information at the point of need.

Most importantly, the literati user experience is designed to enhance dialogue between librarians, students and faculty, further engaging each in the process.

The Beta period for literati by Credo begins October 24th. The solution will be generally available in January 2012.For more information: