Interview with David Swords, Editor of Patron Driven Acquisitions: History and Best Practices

Earlier this week I had a chance to interview David Swords, VP of Sales and Marketing for EBL.  David is also the Editor of a new DeGruyter/Saur title, Patron Driven Acquistions:  History and Best Practices.  In the interview David discusses the content of the book and inserts specific examples of PDA programs in libraries today. Nearly 40 other interviews are available on the NSR interviews page.

Here is some additional information for Patron Driven Acquistions:  History and Best Practices

  • PDA is now practical largely due to the spread of the eBook
  • PDA allows enormous savings for libraries (p.e. a cost of $ 32,000 allows access to the equivalent of $ 3,700,000 in monographs)
  • The first book-length analysis of PDA: a must for virtually every academic library

About 40 percent of the books academic libraries purchase in traditional ways never circulate and another 40 percent circulate fewer than three times. By contrast, patron-driven acquisition allows a library to borrow or buy books only when a patron needs them. In a typical workflow, the library imports bibliographic records into its catalogue at no cost. When a patron finds a patron-driven record in the course of research, a short-term loan can allow him to borrow the book, and the transaction charge to the library will be a small percentage of the list price. Typically, a library will automatically buy a book on a third or fourth use. The contributions in this volume, written by experts, describe the genesis and brief history of patron-driven acquisitions, its current status, and its promise.

2 thoughts on “Interview with David Swords, Editor of Patron Driven Acquisitions: History and Best Practices”

  1. Please post some comments on this entry.

    I would like to hear more on, what Academic libraries are doing PDA? What are some of the challenges associated with e-books in Academic Libraries?

    Thank you.


  2. Christian,
    A number of academic libraries are testing various PDA models. Some are writing about it while others are presenting at conferences. I’d suggest you click on the “patron driven acquisition” category on the homepage of NSR. Here you’ll find a number of blog posts referring to articles, presentations, and vendor announcements about PDA. Additionally, Michael Levine-Clark, Rick Anderson, Nancy Gibbs, Doug Way, and Julie Garrison are some of the librarians speaking/writing about the topic. You might want to search the library literature or web for anything written by them. Sue

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