Mediasurfer offers self-service iPad checkout for libraries, an interview

Last week while roaming the exhibit hall at the ALAMW conference in Dallas, Texas, I discovered Mediasurfer.  Mediasurfer offers self-checkout machines for iPads (and other tablet devices in the near future).  Users swipe a library card to borrow the iPad.  Upon return, the devices are returned to original settings.

If you’d like to know more about Mediasurfer, listen to the interview with Gary Kirk, President of Mediasurfer, and Jim Nelson, COO of Mediasurfer.  They provide many more details on the software, hardware, and services offered.

6 thoughts on “Mediasurfer offers self-service iPad checkout for libraries, an interview”

  1. This is really cool. The recording talked about taking it home. I think ipads would need some serious reinforcement before they could survive too many patrons taking it home.

  2. Hi Will, When I got a demo of the machine the actual iPad was encased in a hard plastic frame. It looked pretty durable. The screen was exposed, but the protective screen sheets could be added. A cover would be awkward though. Sue

  3. Is this really necessary, will there be SO MANY iPads that the staff can’t just give them out…really, technology for technology sake

  4. Joe the question is: “What could your staff be doing that is more productive than checking out ipads.” How many back burner projects does your staff have building up? The other nice thing is how they are resetting browser history etc. That right there is worth it.

  5. @Joe: We have a total of 10 iPads and it’s a no-brainer for staff to gove them out. We like to say some words to the lender too.
    @Will: We lent out more than 120 iPads alltogether and had so far no damages / losts

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