Ohio high school issues iPads for 2012-13 students

Mother of Mercy High School in Cincinnati, Ohio recently announced that every student in Mercy’s Class of 2016 (entering this fall) will be issued their very own iPad as part of the school’s techKNOWLEDGEy program.  I am particularly excited to report this news as I am a graduate of Mother of Mercy High School.

The school has done a great deal of research and preparation for the iPad launch.  Teachers were issued iPads at the start of this school year, they have run pilot programs with teachers and students, and made use of an iPad cart (30 devices for classroom use).  According to their website:

In preparation for our iPad-enhanced techknowledgey program, Mercy has already taken several key steps in preparing for a solid launch in the fall of 2012:

  • All of our teachers were issued their own iPad at the start of this school year (some had the device even two years ago) to begin exploring its many personal and instructional uses;
  • Our teachers and students have been making frequent use of our iPad carts which have provided on-demand classroom access all year. Their reactions further motivated our decision to initiate a personalized iPad program in 2012 as a supplement to our alreadyextensive techknowledgey program at Mercy;
  • We have initiated an iPad Pilot Program this semester with a group of our students to test-run new programs and further investigate the many educational uses of the iPad;
  • Every department at Mercy is currently exploring and determining their subject selection of core apps for use next fall;
  • Mercy has already conducted a comprehensive infrastructure and support assessment and our building is fully ready for additional demand;
  • Training in technology for teachers has been on-going and time for such focus is even increasing the remainder of this school year with monthly professional development sessions and attendance at regional tech conferences and workshops;
  • Administration and Guidance continue working the details in developing an exciting personalized academic planning program with the iPad – one that will foster Mercy’s;
  • Individual Excellence by incorporating elements of our Freshmen Focus leadership training, improving organizational and time management skills, as well as enhancing college and career planning!

School librarian, Linda Behen, is also prepared.  The library has been loaning a cart of 30 iPads throughout the school this year.  The library also has an ebook collection, accessible via the devices.  Linda is also planning workshops for students and teachers on various apps and programs for the devices, iPad and iPod tech tips & tricks and kicking presentations up a notch with Prezi.