Unglue.it to launch on May 17 at 12 noon EDT

From an Unglue.it email:  So: here it is.  On May 17, at 12 noon EDT, unglue.it will launch its first set of campaigns.

Between now and then we’ll be eyeballs-deep in code and paperwork, running the final tests on our payment processing system, applying some last-minute usability and design tweaks, and working with our rights holders to build their campaigns. We’ll have at least one test campaign; follow us on Twitter or Facebook if you want to help us out.

So far, there are four books signed off for launch with a few more possibles, and we are so eager to unveil them. We hope you’ll be thrilled to support them.

In the meantime, will you help us by spreading the word?  Tell your friends and colleagues and social networks.  Make a wishlist. Embed a widget for your favorite unglue.it book on your web page (you can copy/paste the code from the Share column of every book’s page).  Tell everyone that starting May 17, they’ll be able to support creators and give books to the world.

See you then.

The unglue.it Team
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