Douglas County Libraries adds 5 new publishers in eBook ownership model

Great news from Douglas County Libraries today, they have added 5 more publishers to their growing list of direct eBook suppliers.  Douglas County hosts their own eBook content on an Adobe Content Server (ACS) and is able to purchase direct from hundreds of publishers, at a discount.  They are doing amazing things in Colorado.  More information about their program is available at or  The full press release is below.

May 7, 2012: Douglas County Libraries’ model for purchasing eBooks directly from publishers is gaining interest from more and larger publishers. DCL has recently added five more publishers to its list of direct eBook suppliers, making thousands more eBooks available to library patrons for borrowing, while maintaining its practice of purchasing content at a discount.

“The tables have turned,” said Sharon Nemechek, Douglas County Libraries collection services manager. “Publishers have heard about what we’re doing and they want to be part of it. We’re excited about the way the relationship between libraries and publishers is changing, and what it means for our patrons.”


Children’s book publishers Gareth Stevens and Crabtree Publishing, educational materials provider Infobase Learning, cooperative publishing house Book View Café, and mystery publisher Poisoned Pen Press have joined DCL’s visionary and sustainable effort to change the way libraries acquire eBooks and extend the library practice of cooperative purchasing to the eBook market.

DCL’s revolutionary distribution model is attracting not just publishers, but libraries across the nation. Marmot Library Consortium on Colorado’s western slope and Anythink Libraries in Adams County will soon provide eContent hosted by DCL. Other library systems have shown interest as well, from regions including California, New England, New York and New Jersey, and the Colorado State Library has created eVoke, an internet portal for libraries wishing to replicate DCL’s eBook model.

“We have championed the establishment of library-managed eContent platforms based on discounted purchasing, content ownership, industry-standard digital rights management, multiple purchases based on demand, and a ‘click to buy’ feature,” said Jamie LaRue, director of Douglas County Libraries. “Thanks to our partnerships with publishers and our revolutionary platform, we can do what libraries are supposed to do: make it easy to find new authors and materials.”

For more information, visit or Douglas County Libraries is a passionate advocate for literacy and lifelong learning.