Bilbary partners with the State Library of Kansas and Taylor & Francis for ebook sales and lending

Very interesting developments in ebook lending strategies from the State Library of Kansas, who will partner with Bilbary to sell titles to patrons.  According to the press release (in full below), this is a first step in a program that is intended to provide subsidized lending of e-books in the US public library service.

NEW YORK, NY (April 23, 2012) – Due to rapidly changing technology and a greater demand for e-books, the tension in the book industry has grown as all parties attempt to rationalize accessibility and pricing. Now open in the United States, – an internet-based, consumer e-book library and retail bookstore, addresses some of the issues that have risen, while also serving as a conduit for bringing books from authors to readers. Today, Bilbary is proud to announce two separate partnerships that will work toward building stronger relationships, as well as improved accessibility: Taylor & Francis and The State Library of Kansas.

“We are excited to work with both Taylor & Francis and The State Library of Kansas,” said Tim Coates, founder of Bilbary. “Our partnership with these organizations will help to both build our competitive platform and add to the services we will be able to offer.”

Taylor and Francis has made available 26,000 e-book titles for Bilbary to both sell and to rent.  Taylor & Francis is one of the world’s leading academic publishers and is renowned for its imprints which include Routledge, CRC Press and Psychology Press.

The State Library of Kansas has offered Bilbary the opportunity to sell e-books to its patrons as a first step in a program that is intended to provide subsidized lending of e-books in the US public library service.

Both of these programs are firsts for e-books and will be features of no other website in the world.

Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis, a leading international academic publisher, publishes 1,600 scholarly journals and over 3,700 new books each year. Bilbary’s agreement with Taylor & Francis will allow Bilbary to sell approximately 26,000 e-book titles, on top of its 340,000 current titles. All titles will reside in the Bilbary cloud, ensuring accessibility on any internet-connected device.

With this partnership, Bilbary will establish its first lending model, in which there will be a number of rental periods ranging from 30 to 360 days. The varying rental periods will provide students access to e-books and will eliminate worries regarding rental fines, due dates and whether the library or book store has sufficient copies stocked for university courses. Students will also be able to search for full texts, a first for a commercial consumer website.

“Bilbary’s goals align with ours at Taylor & Francis, in that we want our audience to have access to all we have to offer at any given time,” said Christoph Chesher, group sales director, Taylor & Francis.


State Library of Kansas

The State Library of Kansas, founded in 1855, serves the needs of state agencies, legislators and the general public. Bilbary’s agreement with The State Library of Kansas will allow Bilbary to open its doors to all Kansas library patrons. A link to Bilbary’s website will live on the Kansas State Library page, which patrons from anywhere in the United States will be able to click to purchase and download e-books.

“Our relationship with Bilbary demonstrates the sheer volume of reading that takes place in libraries and provides behavioral data to publishers, to which they have never had access to,” said Joanne Budler, state librarian, State Library of Kansas. “Essentially, we hope our relationship with Bilbary diminishes the intimidation publishers feel when interacting with libraries and improves mutual understanding to build a better dialogue – which will lead to improved understanding and policies.”

Another aspect of the overall agreement is that all commissions will be given back to Bilbary to be used for developmental purposes. Doing so will encourage Bilbary to create and improve its capabilities for Kansas patrons, while also paving the way for a rental model to be integrated. For consumers who tend to purchase books, Bilbary presents the perfect solution.

“This is only just the beginning for Bilbary,” said Coates. “In the next few months, we will expand the number of English and foreign language titles, become a forum for discussion of all things reading and bring the skills of the bookseller and librarian to the online arena. Stay tuned!”


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About Bilbary:

Bilbary is an internet-based, consumer e-book library and retail bookstore. Bilbary promotes and encourages reading by providing access to more than 340,000 e-books via e-readers, computers, tablets and smart phones for purchase or rental. Bilbary will soon offer promotions, shop windows and browsing and is intended to be a resource for readers, reading groups, libraries, schools, authors and all who enjoy and make use of books. (


About Taylor & Francis:

Building on two centuries’ experience, Taylor & Francis has grown rapidly over the last two decades to become a leading international academic publisher. With offices in London, and Abingdon in the UK, New York and Philadelphia in the USA, New Delhi in South Asia, and Singapore and Beijing in the Pacific Rim, the Taylor & Francis Group publishes more than 1,600 journals and around 3,700 new books each year, with a books backlist in excess of 20,000 specialist titles. Informing Academics from Past to Present.


About the State Library of Kansas:

The State Library of Kansas is located in the State Capitol building in Topeka. The library’s primary mission is to serve the residents of Kansas through direct service and through support of local libraries. Even before statehood, the State Library served as a depository of legal and historical documents and as a ready resource to the executive and legislative branches of Kansas government. Today, through the latest technology and access to online informational databases, the State Library of Kansas offers more information than ever to the residents of Kansas. Visit our website at